In 2006, with James Kirkup's support and encouragement, I established The James Kirkup Collection in his birthplace of South Shields, United Kingdom. The Collection is stored in two locations in the town. The artefacts are held in the Museum on Ocean Road and the literature and related papers are kept in the Local Studies Section of the Central Library in Prince Georg Square. For more details please see the ‘contact us’ page.

Many of the items in the Collection were donated to the town by James Kirkup during his professional life, including personal items from Kirkup’s life in Japan which were kindly forwarded to me by his friend Akiko Takemoto. After James died, his heir, Makoto Tamaki, generously donated all James’s books and unpublished manuscripts from his home in Andorra to be added to The Collection in South Shields. Details of these items are given under 'The Collection'. The listings will occasionally be updated, as I am receiving regular requests for 'permission to publish' and copies of the new publications will be added to The Collection.

Makoto also authorised me to deal with all enquiries regarding James Kirkupís work and more details can be found on the ‘Publication’ page.

Finally, thanks to Red Squirrel Press ( for the generous and much needed financial support.

Dorothy Fleet
Archivist and Curator of The James Kirkup Collection